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in Studiotech Poland

 MAY 25 | 10:00 - 17:00
st. Bażancia 53 | 02-892 Warszawa 


Traditionally, we have been organizing #ITDAY for many years at Studiotech. After two years of online format, we see each other once again and this time live again.

At #ITDAY2023 we will raise the issue of technological debt, and the following companies come to our aid: DELL, Quantum, HPE, Extreme Networks, Nutanix, Peplink, Stirlitz Media, Siena/Dante/David Systems, Commvault, Vertiv.

After the technological part, it will wait

delicious barbecue and prizes for you!

You can't miss!

Thanks to this website module, you will quickly find a booking link as well as specific event information in one place.

Be ECO, bet
for innovation!

How to get in?

For customers and partners interested in the event, we distribute by e-mail a special newsletter with the possibility of signing up for the event.

If you are not our client or partner, or for some other reason you have not yet received information about the event from us, please use the linku to express your willingness to participate in the event. We are registering for #ITDAY 2023

don't delay! The number of places is limited.


Day schedule

Here you will find detailed information about specific events during the day.

We update the content on a regular basis.

 10:30 - 12:00 


Extreme Networks

- Fabric technology protocols - standards used non-standard

- How much more free time will an administrator using Extreme Networks technologies have?

- Network management through the Access Control System

- Providing services using the Extreme Networks test environment

 12:00 - 13:30 


Extreme Networks

Workshop  in two modules  led by:

Adam Minowski, Piotr Szołkowski

workshop coordination: Ewa Kordek

Extreme Networks


Unattended network based on Fabric



The future of media in AI times



Let's get some strength and breath 



Continuous data protection with Zerto - how to ensure "Disaster Recovery"



Virtual broadband routers



Backup of large volumes of data - how to approach this challenge?



 Dell Precision - High Performance Workstations for Special Tasks



New system - new possibilities



Ezmeral - Data Fabric, Run Time, Unified Analytics, DevOps - containers - all in one tool and it works!



Not only hyperconvergence and virtualization. Nutanix Unified Storage

Siena/Dante/David Sys.

Stirlitz Media


Audio and Video over IP virtualization



Professional screens



Green energy - server room monitoring

Barbecue and prizes!


After the technological part, we invite you for prizes and a delicious barbecue :)

The file is available in .pdf format (polish language only)

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