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in Studiotech Poland

 MAY 23 | 10:00 - 17:00
st. Bażancia 53 | 02-892 Warszawa 


Traditionally, we have been organizing #ITDAY for many years at Studiotech. This year's theme will be Security and A.I. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many aspects of our lives, bringing with it both enormous opportunities and new challenges. One of the key areas where the impact of AI is particularly felt is security. A never-ending story.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in interesting presentations, workshops and discussion panels that will allow them to deepen their knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the field of IT.

After the technological part, it will wait

delicious barbecue and prizes for you!

You can't miss!

Thanks to this website module, you will quickly find a booking link as well as specific event information in one place.

Security and AI.

A never-ending story.

How to get in?

For customers and partners interested in the event, we distribute by e-mail a special newsletter with the possibility of signing up for the event.

If you are not our client or partner, or for some other reason you have not yet received information about the event from us, please use the linku to express your willingness to participate in the event. We are registering for #ITDAY 2024

Don't delay! The number of places is limited.


Day schedule

Here you will find detailed information about specific events during the day.

We update the content on a regular basis.



Welcome speech - Marek Górecki



Nutanix - the best alternative to Vmware



Coffee time



Watson AI – IBM, i.e. a platform for generative AI – directions of development. Where is AI going?



Studiotech Speech is text. – text to speech and more. How much work must be put into AI for artificial intelligence to want to work

Barbecue and prizes!


After the technological part, we invite you for prizes and a delicious barbecue :)



Security and analysis of audiovisual materials



How to (im)properly implement DLP?



How to protect our data?
DATA DOMAIN as a universal backup medium with deduplication



AI in radio and multimedia



AI and computing power – it's not as simple as it seems

The file is available in .pdf format (polish language only)

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