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New Canon lens, 4K HDR image, e-Xs V drive.

Canon announces the launch of the CJ27ex7.3B IASE T lens with 4K HDR image quality. This model, equipped with the new e-Xs V drive, is suitable for applications requiring a telephoto lens, as well as for wide-angle recording. This portable zoom lens redefines industry standards. It is compatible with 4K broadcast cameras equipped with 2/3-inch sensors and offers a best-in-class focal range of 7.3-197 mm, as well as a 2.0x optical converter.

Canon's latest solution expands the UHDxs series and provides users with greater flexibility and a better shooting experience in a variety of environments, such as live broadcasting, news gathering and studio production.

The widest focal range of a Canon portable transmission lens allows you to shoot in studios and stadiums alike

The CJ27ex7.3B IASE T model is characterized by the widest angle and the largest telephoto reach among the equipment available in this category. The magnification range (27x optical zoom) makes this lens the most versatile hardware option for users: from an incredibly wide angle of 7.3 mm to a telephoto focal length of 197 mm.

Combined with the built-in 2.0x converter, which unlocks the ability to double the maximum reach to 394 mm, this lens becomes the benchmark of optical performance in all working scenarios. It is perfect for a variety of applications - from close-ups of players on the pitch to capturing vast landscapes.

Designed for high-end applications requiring excellent optical performance

The feature that distinguishes this lens from others is the highest 4K HDR quality - from the center of the screen to its edges. High image resolution is ensured by advanced technologies such as multi-group zoom and a smooth focusing system.

Advanced chromatic aberration correction and state-of-the-art coating technologies, designed with transmission standards in mind, guarantee clear and accurate reproduction of objects.

High-performance next-generation drive unit The CJ27ex7.3B IASE T is the first lens to feature the improved e-Xs V drive unit, setting new standards in handling and functionality. With three 20-pin connectors, the addition of a versatile USB-C port that enables remote control and firmware updates, and a 16-bit encoder for precise lens data transfer, the device is an ideal choice for many applications (e.g. virtual productions and during broadcasts on the move).

More precise operation, fast zoom and greater responsiveness of the aperture - these are the features of the e-Xs V drive, thanks to which the camera operator can capture fast-moving objects without fear of missing an important moment. Integrated focus breathing compensation ensures consistently smooth shots by automatically correcting jitter (UHDxs series lenses only).

Light and compact body with excellent ergonomics

The durable lens is designed with user mobility and comfort in mind. The light and compact housing weighing approximately 2.1 kg and the redesigned drive unit mean that the ergonomic design provides excellent maneuverability, necessary in many production scenarios.

– With a wide range of focal lengths, unrivaled optical parameters and advanced functions, this model sets new standards in the field of professional broadcast equipment. The lens and its supporting drive unit demonstrate our commitment to innovation. We use them to enable users to capture stunning footage both on location and in the studio. This is the first new generation lens in a line that we will continue to develop, emphasizes Jack Adair, Product Specialist at Canon Europe.

source: Canon


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