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The best Studiotech solutions and standards will allow you to provide your company with the resources necessary at every stage of production. Our engineers have valuable experience in numerous projects.

Are you wondering how much the project implementation will cost you? Need a consultation to make the best hardware purchase decisions? The StudioTech team is at your disposal and will answer all your questions.



We prepare projects and technical documentation in a professional and systematic manner. You can rest assured that the solutions and products we propose will be fully tailored to your needs.

We offer a professional installation team. We help with removals, repairs or system expansion. In each case, we guarantee the highest quality installation materials.



In some cases, it is possible to rent the equipment by the customer. Each time the conditions are agreed individually with the person concerned.

You can count on our help in all production problems. We provide warranty repairs

and post-warranty, maintenance, spare parts supply and technical support services.



Along with the delivery of the equipment, you can always count on professional instruction. We organize trainings for all types of clients: technical employees, administrators

and direct users of our products . 

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