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NEW: Quantum CatDV - video and graphic "content" management

Flexible software platform helps each team manage, index and gain insight into their content.

Create content faster and more efficiently Any organization managing a large amount of videos, images, and other valuable data in files must properly organize and preserve all resources. Thanks to the CatDV platform, your team can do it faster and more efficiently. How it's working? Complex multi-level storage is simple. Large content archives can be indexed and searched in local repository and in the cloud. The latest artificial intelligence technology used in the CatDV platform helps organizations unlock business value in their digital data. Importantly, managers can manage data access control at every stage of their work. As a result, the company's data is secured and properly managed.

Resource management CatDV is a leading workflow platform that provides powerful automation tools for any business that manages large amounts of digital media. The platform includes a wide variety of media-oriented features, including PAM, MAM, and DAM, advanced workflow automation, and fully customized applications. CatDV platform tools help keep your business transparent, adhere to best practices, and increase team productivity. You save time, money and stress.

Our services were used, among others, by ITV NEWS - a British news television network. With a new archiving solution focused on CatDV asset management and continuous streamlining of workflow, ITV News can now better handle digital workflows. Journalists from all over the UK can now use one database and find content quickly and easily - without the help of technical staff.

Our clients are also: - Louvre - the largest museum in the world, - sports clubs such as Kansas City Chiefs, Sacramento Kings, - MPA - American car parts, - Gateway Church - one of the largest churches in the United States, -Oiwi TV, - Utah Valley University, - Scout, - Canadian Tire - one of the largest Canadian retail chains. Contact us and ask for a personalized offer for you.


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