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Studiotech Workflow Manager

The solution offered by Studiotech Poland is based on two platforms dedicated to AI. 
The first and main platform is a proprietary solution based on trained STT-TTS modules. In the integrated document management system, the mentioned


STT module uses the latest AI and ML technologies to transcribe audio data.

This module is characterized by high accuracy and the ability to learn based on input data, which ensures continuous improvement of the speech recognition process. Its functionality integrates with the central database, which ensures safe storage of transcripts and easy access to them via the system backend.

The STT module interacts with the document parser and image parser, allowing the processing of information from various sources. The document parser analyzes and processes text from formats such as DOC or PDF, while the image parser is used to extract text from graphic materials using OCR technology. Both services can send data to the translation module, supporting multilingualism and international communication functionality.

The data processed by the system can then be used by a speech synthesizer (TTS) module, which enables text-to-speech conversion. This is especially important for users requiring audio data, including people who are visually impaired or blind.

Additionally, the system is equipped with document exporter functionality, which allows you to save processed data in various file formats, facilitating their distribution and archiving.

The system is scalable and modular, so it can be tailored to individual needs, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and high quality of document management
Part of the environment is built based on the IBM Warson X solution. It is a data and AI platform. It includes three core components designed to help scale and accelerate AI based on the company's trusted data.

The Watson x platform is based on open technologies that, among other things, ensure the use of different models used in the enterprise and ensure their compatibility.
As a solution, Watson X was designed with the principles of transparency and accountability in mind. This makes it easier to create and deploy AI applications.
Part of the experience is the ability to scale AI workloads using all the data.

Additionally, our solution includes pre-trained AI models dedicated to text problems.
The access platform and GUI can be created from scratch, dedicated to each client.
The environment itself, if it is necessary to expand the scope of functionality, can constitute an interesting technological basis for any company. The solution itself can be expanded to include text to speech, deepfake, etc. functionalities.

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