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Backup with Quantum: protect your company's data from ransomware

Attacks are now occurring every 11 seconds, and demand for payments continue their upward trend with backup environments becoming a main target and criminals focusing on methods to disable your recovery mechanisms. Successful ransomware attacks can take several days or even months to fully recover, especially true when targeted campaigns wipe out clusters of servers – there is no remedy, except to rebuild. Quantum has solutions for protecting and recovering your data from any point in your data’s lifecycle.

When ransomware strikes, our solutions allow you to restore your data for any tier in the data workflow. Different capacity tiers give you the flexibility to choose where you want to store your data and how you want to recover it.

High-Performance Tier: Instantly Restore Backup Data

To ensure the availability of your data, this fast performing tier helps accelerate recovery by restoring data from an isolated and immutable location that allows you to instantly view snapshots of your data and recover from any point in time.

DXi Backup Appliances

For data stored in backup environments, DXi® backup appliances include a Secure Snapshot feature, which employs a protocol separation to move your snapshot to a non-network addressable storage pool, allowing data to remain immutable.

ActiveScale Object Storage 

For multi-petabyte data archives, the Object Lock feature in ActiveScale™ enables you to protect valuable data against ransomware attacks by creating immutable backups. With S3 compatibility, Dynamic Data Placement (DDP), and Dynamic Data Repair (DDR), ActiveScale ensures that your data’s longevity and integrity remain intact.

Scalar Tape Libraries 

For data stored on tape, our Scalar® tape libraries use Active Vault, a hands-off approach to managing media between a backup partition and vaulted partition that is completely disconnected from the network enabling a physical air gap to keep your data safe and recoverable.

Featured Benefits

Recovery from Any Point of Your Data Lifecycle

Minimize Complexity, Maximize Efficiency

Cost-Effective, Reliable, Flexible Storage That Scales on Your Terms

When your network is breached, you don’t know the extent of the damage. With our comprehensive solutions, you have the flexibility to recover your data instantly, or within a few minutes, depending on the tier where it is stored.

To meet SLAs and reduce downtime, storing critical data in a fast-performing tier will accelerate recovery by restoring data from an isolated and immutable location with instant views to your snapshots. You can also maximize efficiency by tiering to other storage media, like object storage archives and air gapping with tape on premise.

Realize immediate CAPEX savings when you extend the capacity of on-prem storage platforms. You may not need to provision expensive storage arrays when you can offload less-critical data to lower-capacity tiers.


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