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Canon presents the first compact vlogging camera

4K UHD video recording, high-quality microphone, built-in tripod and 14 unique color filters make the new Canon PowerShot V10 the perfect vlogging companion.

Canon Europe introduces the PowerShot V10, a lightweight and easy-to-use vlogging camera designed for those who want their followers to accompany them on their daily adventures without having to carry a lot of equipment. The PowerShot V10 weighs just over 211g and fits in your pocket. It offers lifestyle and travel content creators a versatile solution, combining high-quality microphones with a built-in tripod. It allows you to create interesting content for the community by recording videos in 4K UHD quality with image stabilization and the background blur effect, giving the materials a professional look.

The rugged, vertically oriented body is a brand new Canon design – a portable device so unobtrusive that creators can blend in when shooting in crowded locations. The centrally located record button, adapted for quick and convenient control of the camera with one hand, guarantees the capture of even the most unexpected situations.

Incredible video quality at your fingertips

The PowerShot V10 features a large inch CMOS sensor that is capable of recording 4K video while still being able to capture photos[1]. Fourteen included color filters and Smooth Skin mode let you quickly enhance your shots, giving them a cinematic aura.

Movie Digital IS[2] is great for handheld shooting as it helps to avoid image shake for sharper, clearer, more detailed and clearer shots.

The PowerShot V10 records in both landscape and portrait orientations, adapting to the wide range of different social media platforms[3] and recording up to an hour of continuous video footage[4]. Auto-leveling helps keep the frame straight and avoid image tilt[5], reducing content editing time.

High-quality sound that won't interrupt your message

The PowerShot V10 is perfectly suited for both outdoor and urban use. It has two large stereo microphones for narration and a third noise-canceling microphone. In addition to the built-in windscreen, the Advanced Accessory Kit[6] includes a windscreen to further improve sound quality outdoors.

Capture all the most important moments

The PowerShot V10 is housed in a vertical body and designed for simplicity and almost one-handed operation. Equipped with a 2-inch LCD touch screen that can be flipped forward, it is ideal for vlogging or capturing others, as well as for handheld photography, allowing you to easily capture emotions and create a sense of intimate intimacy between the creator and his audience. The built-in tripod allows you to record content on your own[7], such as cooking guides, shopping demos and pop

of common social media formats: unboxings, Q&As or other video compilations.

Connect with your fans - wherever you are

The PowerShot V10 is fully compatible with the Canon Camera Connect app, allowing you to easily transfer movies to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. Managing your video workflow has never been easier with built-in integration for temporary cloud storage where you can directly upload to your chosen platform. The camera's smart, intuitive design also includes HDMI and USB ports for easy data transfer to a laptop or PC, or use as a webcam. Passionate travelers will appreciate the possibility of charging via the USB-C connector.

Web creators will be able to share their content in real time thanks to the simplified live streaming[8] features built into the PowerShot V10 - specialized menu functions will also enable streaming to YouTube and Facebook

source: Canon


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