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Discover the Evertz RF over IP (RFoIP) series

RFoIP is a modular solution for converting an RF signal from analog to digital and transmitting it over long distances over IP structured networks.

This new technological advancement greatly expands the possibilities of centralization and virtualization of the ground segment; resulting in improved operational efficiency and flexibility.

Eliminating the physical barrier between the satellite dish and the receiving equipment is a key benefit when converting an RF signal to IP, and Evertz has gone to great lengths to achieve this while maintaining carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) and timing to reliably recover the signal.

The use of Evertz's RF over IP technology provides operators with greater antenna placement flexibility, offering reduced antenna cost while minimizing the physical footprint of ground infrastructure.

Evertz RF over IP at a glance:

Reliable technology

  • Digital IP SATCOM Headends - Disaster Recovery

RF over IP as a service SATCOM Virtualization


  • Evertz's RF over IP technology is designed with reliability, security and signal quality in mind. Dual QSFP ports are supported by default for redundant 1+1 IP workflows.


  • Moving to IP technology allows organizations to scale to any size across all geographic regions.

IP workflow provides greater flexibility so organizations can quickly add or remove services to maximize revenue and reduce operational costs.


As a leader in IP solutions with hundreds of IP installations around the world, Evertz's IP solutions are trusted by the world's largest media companies.


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