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Get to know the Evertz Scorpion series better!

SCORPION 18 series is a flexible set of multimedia tools for broadcasters. The 1RU chassis combines a modular IO concept with integrated features that can be customized for applications such as media transport, video processing and conversion, video compression and normalization. The platform can be used in any environment, whether it integrates with an existing baseband, fiber or IP network with capacity from 1 to 100 GbE, and is future-proof to adapt to changing infrastructure over time. Be sure that your investment will grow and adapt to your future plans and requirements.

The series uses a catalog of processing IO cards called MIO modules that can accept a variety of signals, including various video, audio and data formats. The capabilities of these cards can be simple or complex, ranging from basic reception and transport to performing complex functions such as video conversion and signal encoding, for example.

The SCORPION 18 series differs from traditional modular chassis by the inclusion of integrated features, some of which are included in the base product or available as additional options. The basic model includes a 12G crosspoint, which allows you to route signals between any SFP and MIO module slot. Optional components such as a 1/10/25/40/100GbE switch (IPX) or an FPGA gateway (IPG) are available to enable IP connectivity, routing, aggregation and many other functions.

Additionally, the series has 18 forward-firing fiber or electrical SFP modules, allowing for optical conversion of fiber signals, additional SDI IO, or limited Ethernet access to an available Ethernet switch option.

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