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How to add value to your growing data with ActiveScale object arrays


Durable, secure, S3-compatible object storage for data analysis, active archiving and long-term data retention

Whether you develop solutions for life and geosciences, media production, government programs, web services, IoT infrastructure, AI/ML or video surveillance, ActiveScale™ Object Storage is a cost-effective, scalable and accessible solution. With it, you can build your own private cloud storage environment and seamlessly expand your data storage from terabytes to exabytes.

ActiveScale is the industry's only S3-compatible object storage platform designed for both active and cold data, ideal for analytics, active archiving and long-term data retention. ActiveScale provides a new, innovative approach to creating an always-on data repository that scales easily - ensuring the highest data durability, availability and security required at the petabyte scale.

Join Quantum for this webinar and take a look at the following topics:

How the right cold storage strategy helps bridge the gap between data growth and infrastructure budgets while meeting security and regulatory compliance requirements

How to use cloud archiving services while maintaining independence and control over your data

Flexibility of cloud storage infrastructure - S3 APIs make it easy to integrate existing solutions

How to Reduce Cold Data Storage Costs by 80%

How to maintain control over your most valuable data assets

How to unlock the value of cold data over years and decades without incurring costly access fees


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