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#ITDAY2023 at Studiotech Poland!

On May 25, we will see each other at the IT day at Studiotech Poland!

Leit theme: "be ECO, focus on innovation!".

Does ecology have to mean giving up innovation? Of course not. It all starts with the project, and modern solutions are the answer to issues such as technological debt.

On #ITDAY2023 we will talk about how to follow changes in the market and how this market can change with us. There, you will be able to discuss important issues in the IT sector and take part in interesting thematic workshops. May ecology and innovation be with you!

Stay up to date with us! More information coming soon. We are in the process of preparing a special module where you will find the most important information about #ITDAY2023 in StudiotechPoland, as well as the always up-to-date list of events and workshops. If you don't want to miss anything, please ask to join our mailing list.

Sign up to attend the event now! The number of places is limited. Contact us and make a reservation.


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