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Tibigen Digital Repository

The TDR system is a good alternative to digitization and media management solutions. The product is distinguished by a fresh and original approach to solving typical problems faced by our customers.

The repository is characterized by high flexibility, which allows you to adjust the style of the system's operation to specific requirements, without the need to change the implementation. Users can easily modify and expand them. The system is modular and has an advanced task management infrastructure. In addition, it supports the possibility of integration with external applications through the plug-in mechanism and an extensive API that provides all system functions.

Each of the components can be clustered, which ensures high availability and performance. The system is prepared to handle large amounts of data, both metadata and files. In the installations implemented at our clients, hundreds of terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of clips are under the control of the repository.

Tibigen's goal was GUI to create a flexible and easily accessible user interface. That is why the repository has been equipped with a modern web interface available from a web browser. It does not require specialized hardware or additional software. All you need is a regular computer and one of the supported web browsers.

  • GWT The GUI was implemented using the "Google Web Toolkit" technology, which allowed to create a dynamic and responsive interface. Thanks to GWT, the repository is not static pages without the possibility of changes, but an online operating system in which the user can build, change and develop the interface according to his own needs.

  • Windows The window mechanism allows for parallel work on many elements of the system and adjusting the interface to your own needs and taste. If you want to edit the movie and monitor the file import at the same time, you open two windows. If you want to focus on metadata editing, you hide or close unnecessary windows. You decide how you want to work.

  • Browsers Supported browsers are: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Integration Tivoli Storage Manager Extensive integration with Tivoli Storage Manager software allows you to manage virtually any LTO tape library from the TDR system. Thanks to this, it is possible to store less frequently used materials on LTO tapes, and thus reduce the costs of hardware infrastructure.Transcoders: FFmpeg, Pro Media Carbon The TDR system natively uses the FFmpeg transcoder to generate preview (proxy) quality, keyframes and any other format. The TDR system flexibly allows you to choose an alternative transcoder for audio and video files that will replace FFmpeg. One possible option is to use the Pro Media Carbon transcoder, which is fully integrated with the TDR system and allows you to completely replace FFmpeg.ImageMagick For customers who work with large amounts of image files, integration with ImageMagick software has been prepared. It allows you to generate various graphic formats and apply additional logos from the TDR system.NLE: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Extensive integration with editing stations (NLE) allows you to export video materials directly from the MAM system and import them automatically. Editing stations access materials directly from the central archive. The system allows you to create EDL files based on a proxy and export them to the editing station and further work on the material in high resolution.

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