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Data safe - a solid shield against ransomware

A combination of industry-leading Commvault technologies. Backup and Recovery and reliable scalable, high-performance storage with Nutanix Object allows you to achieve reliable resistance against ransomware threats and also targeted attacks by criminal groups. Combining the benefits of object assets with Commvault technology ensures that your critical data will not be deleted, modified or copied by malicious threats.

Nutanix combined with Commvault

As software-defined solutions, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and the Commvault portfolio eliminate complex, inefficient data silos and dramatically streamline operations and environmental management. Regardless of whether you are securing key company systems, mail or laptops, Nutanix Objects covers the full range of data management and storage processes. Nutanix and Commvault also provide operational flexibility and optimized architecture. Thanks to the possibilities installation of Commvault software directly on the resources of the Nutanix platform, we drastically eliminate the complexity of the architecture, additionally receiving mechanisms of high availability of resources and services.

The most important advantages

• Intuitive and simple user interface for easy resource monitoring, • 30-minute implementation, • Analysis of the use of resources along with their full analysis • Comprehensive protection of stored data • A single namespace as a centralized copy destination backup, including the ability to store data in multiple locations. • Significantly shorten backup windows • End-to-end deduplication saves time, space and money • Built-in Erasure Coding algorithm for more space • Significantly cheaper high-availability backup system architecture in comparison to traditional architecture


• Built-in WORM mechanisms that block the possibility of modifying and deleting data from backups. • Access control with IAM policies and advanced permission mechanisms • Data encryption • Full audit of all data and events in the system

Lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment:

• Radically simplified infrastructure management and monitoring, • Eliminate cloud download fees

• Significantly less expensive than traditional file systems or local backup systems Commvault with Nutanix Objects provides a fast, simple, reliable and highly scalable solution that transforms backup from costly and time-consuming to simple and enjoyable.

Bet on high-class security and contact us and ask us for a tailor-made offer especially for you and your company.


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