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SWIT OMNI-50S and OMNI-99S - pocket batteries with V mount

Meet the newly introduced OMNI series of V-mount batteries, consisting of a 50 Wh and 99 Wh model. These can be useful for powering a small camera setup, but can also be used to back up your phone, tablet or laptop while on set.

When it comes to power solutions for cameras and accessories, SWIT is a well-established manufacturer. The company offers a wide range of products, from high-end B-mount batteries for the flagship ARRI ALEXA 35 model, to V-mount mini bricks such as the MINO series.

At NAB 2024, the company debuted two new pocket models: OMNI-50S and OMNI-99S

The SWIT OMNI-50S and OMNI-99S are available as two V-mount pocket batteries with a capacity of 50 and 99 Wh, respectively. The 50 Wh model has dimensions of 74 x 102 x 33 mm and weighs 0.33 kg, while the 99 Wh model is slightly larger (74 x 102 x 52 mm) and heavier (0.55 kg).

The batteries can withstand a constant load of 100 W (OMNI-50S) and 150 W (OMNI-99S) and offer various types of connections for powering accessories and even charging the batteries.

These include:

1x USB-A port (5V/2A)

1x USB-C I/O port (65W output / 30W input for OMNI-50S and 48W input for OMNI-99S)

1x DC barrel (8.4V/3A regulated output)

1x D-Tap (14.4V with a maximum of 8A on OMNI-50S and 12A on OMNI-99S)

Moreover, the battery has a front LED status display that can present information regarding remaining battery life, charging status, input and output power, as well as battery status.

Additionally, the batteries have an interesting intelligent hibernation mode that puts them in a low-power state when left idle for long periods of time. Finally, according to SWIT, the batteries can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20° to +50°C and are equipped with multi-circuit BMS protection.

SWIT OMNI-50S and OMNI-99S V-mount batteries are now available for sale. Contact us and find out more!


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